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i3 partners with Galen Health Scholars

I3 has thoroughly enjoyed partnering with the USC Galen Scholars program over the course of fall semester to host the Health Innovation Lab. Galen participants engaged in a highly interactive 4-session course to learn the basics of Human Centered Design. The program taught students to tap into their creativity to build innovative solutions to common health challenges around campus. The sessions were co-led by i3’s own Dr. Rob Hock and Dr. Margriet De Zeeuw Wright, and assisted by doctoral student Kim DeCelle.

The Health Innovation Lab will conclude this Thursday with student presentations to a panel of expert judges. I3 is excited to announce our upcoming panelists. Ehsan Jabbarzadeh, PhD, MBA is a “Cross-trained scientist and entrepreneur with an interdisciplinary innovation perspective from academia and industry.” Dr. Jeannette Andrews is the current dean of the University of South Carolina College of Nursing. Dr. Andrews worked as a family nurse practitioner, and has a 30-year history in nursing. Alan Spies, PhD, MBA is a Clinical Professor and Kennedy Chair, Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center.

The panel will provide feedback and encouragement to students as they continue to hone their ideas. I3 salutes our panel. We are grateful for their time, wisdom and guidance to our Galen Scholars.

We look forward to other opportunities to spread the word about human centered design around campus and around the community. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in opportunities to partner with us!

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