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Come with A Challenge, leave with A Solution at the Innovation Design Institute

What do superheroes and social sector organizations have in common? They both fight for the common good in our communities, and they do so by thinking creatively and innovatively! Social Sector organizations are the superheroes of our community. They too fight for the the common good in our communities and use creative and innovative methods to vanquish their villians.

So how do social sector organizations tap into this super power? Here at i3 we believe we have the tools to help teams of social sector organizations develop their potential to think in new ways to solve organizational challenges.

To help our social sector superheroes, we will be hosting a 2 day workshop (October 6th and 7th) that will assist teams of 2 to 4 people from social sector organizations find new ways to address the challenges they are facing. Teams will work through a step by step process called Human Centered-Design (HCD).

The villains our teams face will look quite different than superheroes. Social sector organizations coming to the institute can come with any challenge facing their organization, including: client retention, service outputs, communication breakdowns, amongst others.

To fend off our villains, social sector organizations need to be able to think creatively, and in new ways. Our HCD approach will lead teams through a series of activties that will allow them to unleash their innovation capabilities. Teams will use laser focus techniques to look at their challenge in a new way. This will allow teams to gather new insights into the challenge their organization faces, and come up with new solutions that can address their challenge. Teams will come out of the institute with a solution to implement in their organization.

These solutions will be unique for each superhero, as each villain they face will come with their own set of tricks and powers. One superhero might ZAP their villain with new technology such as an app that interfaces with clients. Another might ZING their villain with a new organizational policy to address communication breakdowns between managers and employees.

Our superhero training Innovation Design Institute will also give teams the skills they need to always be ready to fight off new villains in the field. Teams will have working knowledge of the HCD process that can be used in their organizations for multiple challenges that may arise. Teams that attend our institute will receive a DIY- innovation tool kit that empowers the superheroes to work through this process at their own organization.

If you're ready to unleash your organization's superpower, teams can register here.

Innovation Design Institute

October 6th & 7th

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Sisters of Charity Foundation of SC

2711 Middleburg Drive, Suite 115, Columbia, SC 29204

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