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Gamestorming Workshop

This Wednesday at the United Way of the Midlands a group of individuals from a variety of social agencies and organizations came together to learn about Gamestorming. This one hour lunch time workshop was filled with laughter and fun while workshop attendees learned a new way to stir up social innovation within their organization.

Dr. Breanne Grace, an assistant professor at the University of South Carolina College of Social Work, facilitated this workshop event. She led attendees through a series of "games" that unlocks creativity and stirs up ideas.

"There was a lot about introspection about oneself and the ones identity in the workspace. We discussed starting, stopping, and continuing different behaviors in the workplace in order to promote fluidity within the organization" says Julia Theiszmann, an Innovation Project Specialist at i3. She said "workshop attendees came together and networked amongst themselves". She goes on to say "It was all about empowering community members to discover new ways of brainstorming innovative solutions".

i3 hosted the event in partnership with United Way of the Midlands. More workshop opportunities will soon follow this great event. Make sure to check out i3's Event Page for more information.

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