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Our Services 

Engage with i3 for training and a hands-on experience to create social innovation throughout organizations and communities. 

The i3 Incubator is a space for social sector organizations to explore new ideas addressing relevant issues. A team of researchers and community experts provide mentoring, networking, and rapid cycle testing to grow new ideas into sustainable solutions.

 i3 provides consultation and training on topics such as human-centered design, implementation planning, and fostering organizational creativity. Our advisory team features scholars and experienced community leaders who are passionate about social change. We seek to create substantive working partnerships that will help guide social change in SC!

“I would wholeheartedly recommend [the incubator process]…the return on investment is exponentially higher than what you’re putting in.”  

“[i3 provides] us the opportunity to step outside the way we have been taught to think…they make us step outside of our comfort zone. I like the challenge and that they are there to support us with their expertise. It is also extremely helpful to have other experts, specifically ones with experience in the kind of work we are envisioning to accomplish.”

Here's what our community partners have to say! 

“I have many ideas and lots of questions, but I have no time to follow up on them. So, to have a team of people that provide quality research on those questions and support in the realm of technology is extremely helpful. Without i3, we wouldn’t have access to these things.”  

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