Human-Centered Design for Child and Family Services

Capacity Building for South Carolina Changemakers

What is Human-Centered Design?

We are seeking teams from social sector organizations to participate in a comprehensive Human-Centered Design (HCD) training program.  HCD is a proven method to galvanize workplace innovation and build organizational capacity.  HCD is a powerful, yet flexible and creative approach used in diverse industries, from high tech to social services.  During this 9-week program, teams will use HCD methods to create tailor-made solutions that improve the experiences and outcomes of children and families in South Carolina.

"HCD is a way of improving programs of practice in a creative way"

-Dan Freedman, i3 program partner

Course Overview

The program will teach providers essential strategies and skills to adapt their services to changing community, economic, and policy contexts. They will learn to identify areas for improvement, engaging clients/patients and other stakeholders in the change process, generateing and testing effective solutions, and strategically implementing the solution for local impact.

Expert Local Coaching
World-Class Online Course
Team Learning and Networking

Benefits of Participation 

  • A real-world solution to improve child and family experiences and outcomes

  • Increased organizational capacity and productivity

  • An innovation toolkit

  • Certificate of Accomplishment from Acumen

Registration Process

The FREE 9 week course begins September 11th and will be a blended experience of online learning and offline teamwork. 






5 hours






Ready to Apply?


Register by: September 5, 2018


Course Start Date: September 11, 2018


Margaret Meriwether, PhD

i3 Project Manager

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