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Who is i3 for? 

For those who want to test new ways to address social problems! We work with teams that have a clear solution in the early stages of development.

What is the i3 Incubator?

The i3 Incubator is a space for social sector organizations to explore new ideas to address social issues.

No! All organizations are welcome to attend our events. 

Do I need to be apart of the Incubator to receive services?

What are the criteria for idea selection?

Impact, viability, innovation, and sustainability. AKA the idea will positively impact your target population, it is achievable with the organizational staff and support, it is better than the existing solution, and it can be maintained after the completion of the program. 

What kind of topics does i3 cover? 

We cover a large range of topics including implementation science, facilitation tools, and network building to improve innovative capacity.

What resources does i3 offer? 

Through education, training, and consulting, we provide technical assistance, network building, stakeholder engagement, media, project planning, and more based on each client's needs. 

What is i3's approach to training and education?

We provide materials for education and training based on human-centered design to engage creativity and innovative ways of thinking. Through this training, you will new techniques to think differently and efficiently.

How developed does my idea need to be to partner with i3?

Social change is complex. Consult with i3's team in order to turn your social innovation into reality, no matter where you are in the process. 

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