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Organizations often struggle with maintaining sustainable creative processes because they lack funding and resources. i3 provides consultation and training on topics such as human-centered design, implementation planning, and fostering organizational creativity. Our advisory team features scholars and experienced community leaders with a diversity of skills and experience, who are passionate about social change. We seek to create substantive, working partnerships that guide social change in South Carolina.  

Evaluation Design

  • Expert evaluation design to assess innovation impact and feasibility

  • Maintain a library of tools and templates related to community-based intervention projects

  • Provide staff to conduct labor-intensive data collection, data management, and statistical analysis

  • Design online surveys

  • Conduct phone interviews and needs assessments

Network Building

  • Network with partners, funders, and stakeholders that can support the innovation

  • Innovation Development

  • Conduct literature reviews and environmental scans to inform and refine the idea

  • Engage end-users (clients, staff, etc.) in innovation development through focus-groups, interviews, and web-surveys.

  • Innovation-specific workforce development

  • Hire consultants with expertise related to the innovation

Sustainability/Business Plan

  • Develop business plans

  • Receive consultation related to the entrepreneurial possibilities and sustainability of the project

  • Provide workshops/training on grant writing

Financial/Infrastructure Support

  • Funding for project supplies, software, etc.

  • Project start-up funds

  • Funds to offset staff time to spend on the project

Project Planning

  • Establish project plan to ensure efficient progress and tailor incubator resources

  • Facilitate MOU's and other documents to establish successful partnerships

  • Maintain a library of project planning and resource tools

Team Collaboration Tools and Support

  • Provide space for meetings and collaborative work

  • Facilitate communication between project partners by planning and scheduling team meetings, taking minutes, providing training and technical assistance related to online meeting and collaboration tools

  • Provide training on online collaborative tools for idea sharing, meetings, and project management

  • Organize partner meetings (handle scheduling, book space, and provide TA as needed)

  • Provide specialized group facilitation tailored to the needs of the project (idea generation, strategic planning, focus group, etc.)

Media Communication Tools

  • Provide tools, templates, and channels for telling others about your innovation

  • Social media support

  • Assist with written reports, news-briefs, and funding 'pitches'

  • Consult with marketing and public relation experts

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