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The United Way of the Piedmont joined our program to improve inter-departmental communication to enhance their external relationships and programs.

After interviewing their colleagues, the UWP team resolved to understand each other's work and empower staff to take ownership in the culture of communication. The UWP team discovered that knowing the “why” would increase clarity, preparedness, and participation within their organization, so, for their final product, they created a video to encourage their co-workers to adopt this habit.

Using their video as a foundation, UWP is currently developing 5 inter-departmental teams tasked with standardizing communication, optimizing meeting time, and developing opportunities for employees to get to know one another outside of work. 

"This whole process of human-centered design is making us step back and think differently and realize we might not have all the answers."

Cohort Highlights

Join us in celebrating the teams that completed our Human-Centered Design for Child & Family Services program! Read about their accomplishments and experiences with the i3 team.

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