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Incubator Application

Program Benefits

i3 knows the challenges many organizations face when looking to test and explore new ideas. Organizations have many constraints that can make innovation difficult or impossible.


Organizations that enter our incubator will:


  • Have the opportunity to test an idea in a low risk environment

  • Receive data and evidence that supports the innovative solutions viability

  • Access to researchers & staff to launch the project

  • Project consultation

  • And more!


Application Process
  1. Applications can be found here. 

  2. Attend our application Prep Sessions. Attendees will receive application support and program overview information. 

  3. All applications to the incubator are due by November 14th at 5:00 PM.

  4. The teams selected for the incubator will be notified by December 9th by 12:00 PM


Criteria for Selection

Generally, any team from a social sector organization is eligible to apply.  We are looking for teams with a clear proposed innovative solution in the early stages of development with sufficient organizational support to sustain the solution long-term.  Teams must be in the greater Columbia Metropolitan area.  The submitted innovative solution will be evaluated on the following five criteria:


  • Impact. The proposed solution stands to improve the health and well-being of South Carolinians, and to yield scientific discoveries for broader impact

  • Innovation. The solution will create new, positive change. Meaning it is new to the organization or population and will either be more effective or efficient than pre-existing alternatives (new program or procedure).

  • Viability. The applicants have what it takes to complete the incubator process and make their idea a reality (e.g., organizational support, staff time, experience, resources, etc.).

  • Sustainability. The solution is likely to be sustainable upon completion of the incubator program. (e.g., additional grant funds, provision of billable services, generates a profit, integration into the day-to-day operations of the community entity, etc.).


Program Requirements
Applicants for the i3 Social Impact Incubator must: 


  • Be active participants in the i3 Incubator

  • Attend meetings as scheduled with the i3 Incubator team members, and respond to requests from members of this team

  • Have the ability to consistently follow through on jointly developed and agreed upon action steps, goals, and deliverables 

  • Be willing to report on project progress and impact, and participate in program evaluation activities as requested

  • Permit the i3 team to disseminate lessons learned in scholarly publications and community outlets.

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