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Our Mission

i3’s mission is to connect and empower community organizations, researchers, and students to explore and test inventive ideas in order to solve social problems with sustainable solutions in South Carolina.

About i3

Founded in 2015 within the University of South Carolina College of Social Work, i3 is a social innovation lab that acts as a catalyst for local innovations that have a lasting impact on the health and well-being of South Carolina children and families. 

Who We Serve

i3 serves South Carolina by supporting organizations who are developing new and innovative ways to better address social problems facing our state.

Our Team

Dr. Rob Hock


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Dr. Hock is the founder and director of i3. He developed and created a program as a creative endeavor aimed at addressing the challenges associated with bringing innovation to the social sector.

Dr. Terry Wolfer

Innovation Advisor

Wolfer_T.jpg 2015-10-13-15:28:48

Trained as a social worker, Dr. Wolfer uses qualitative and community-engaged research methods to discover effective practices for promoting social capital and health in communities. His work emphasizes educating practitioners and organizations for continuous learning and decision making. 

Dr. Margriet de Zeeuw Wright

Innovation Advisor


Dr. Wright considers herself a "pracademic," a practical academic. Her research interests relate to the complexity of the helping process and the individual, relational, and organizational factors that impact client satisfaction.

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