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Our Mission

At i3, we seek to expand social change by connecting and empowering social sector innovators to yield positive, sustainable impacts on the people of South Carolina.

What We Do

EDUCATION & TRAINING: Engage with i3 for training and a hands-on experience to create social innovation throughout organizations and communities.

INCUBATOR: The i3 Incubator is a space for social sector organizations to explore new ideas addressing relevant issues.

A team of researchers and community experts provide mentoring, networking, and rapid cycle testing to grow new ideas into sustainable solutions.

CONSULTING: Have a great idea but not sure where to start?  Let us help.​

We provide intensive consultation to organizations going through the process of Human-Centered Design, rapid-cycle testing, implementation planning, and fostering organizational creativity.  


Our advisory team endeavors to create substantive working partnerships that guide and inform social change in the Midlands area.

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